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---Hwamda expected to put 120 acres of land to achieve production capacity of 7,000-8,000 million within five years

In 2010, our domestic economy continues to maintain a stable development. With the increasing market demand and rapidly rising business climate, we adjust company strategy to fully strengthen and comprehensive the marketing network.  In efforts to open up major markets, we expand our production scale, improve our processing precision, and investment in new technologies to further enhance the production scale and speed, which will insure the increasing sales target.

     With the team work of our marketing department and our agents, we achieved excellent sales target in 2010, which is doubled than last year. Rely on pre-effective marketing, sales in March, 2011 continued to grow more than 30% over the same period in 2010, which is a good start for realize the whole year sales target. We will continue to consolidate on the basis of the market in 2011, further increase of new product development efforts, and actively introduce new equipment and personnel to strengthen production facilities, further expansion of production capabilities to welcome a new peak to come. Now a new workshop will be finished recently, and another new 20 acres industrial area project is planning to be finished in 2011 too. There are 100 acres of new manufacture workshop in the examination and approval and waiting to be built. When all new workshops are finished, our production capacity will be doubled and reach the objective of 7,000-8,000 million RMB.

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